Luigi G.


“Come here, do you have good eyesight?  What do you see on that stone in the middle of the arch?  You don’t know, do you?  I have been asking this question for ten years, and only once did a French tourist get it right.  Well, it’s a Templar cross, this was a church of the Templars and the oldest in all of Liguria.  You don’t believe me?  Ok, take a look at this certificate.  Now it’s a winery with the largest production in all of the Cinque Terre.  Our history appears to be recent but in reality it started long ago when my father passed away when I was only six years old. 

In order to survive, my mother sewed pants and my grandmother and my aunt would sell them in the coastal villages. I wish they could see this place now.

They wouldn’t be able to recognize it, but in a good way.  They’d be proud of it, just like I am.”