“I’m originally from lower Piedmont, that area where they speak a dialect which is neither from Piedmont nor from Liguria. I don’t miss anything about it, I used to wake up at 3:40am to go to work when I lived there.

I moved here in 1984 and up until ’93 I worked at Brignole in Genoa. When I’d get off work in the evening I’d sleep at my sister’s house in Genoa but when I worked the night shift I’d come back to Vernazza in the morning. 

When I first moved here it wasn't easy to get to know people. Being active in my political party and its gatherings helped me make friendships.

Even though I’m 84 years old I still help out at the Green Cross. To be honest, it’s the tourists that are injured most often. Thank goodness they passed that law banning flip-flops on the trails. These days, my favorite pastime is to walk. Yesterday I walked 14 miles, see?

What has changed in these past forty years? The young people no longer say hello when our paths cross.”