“Where does this thing end up? On TV? Is it going to be on that Forum program where they always argue? I like watching that. My whole family has always lived in the same house. I’m old, so old that I even saw the old bell tower, you know? That was before the bombs knocked it down. 

Every single day of my life I have always done two things: cook and farm the fields.

What do you call it now? Oh yes, “farm to table.” In my day it was just called being a peasant. Now I’m usually pretty tired in the evenings so I just make a little minestrone for dinner. I got married at 25, my husband was older, he was 35. 

I had two children, one is an old bachelor — he had fun in life. Whatever makes them happy is fine by me.

Now I have grandchildren, gorgeous little ones, do you see them there? They will carry on with things, that’s what’s important. Now I need to go, it’s getting cold and I have to go clean the beet greens. Which channel will this be on, channel 3?”